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Beretta BRX1 II-600x450
BRX1 2
BRX1 4
BRX1 3
BRX1 5
BRX1 6
BRX1 7
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Beretta BRX1 II-600x450
BRX1 2
BRX1 4
BRX1 3
BRX1 5
BRX1 6
BRX1 7

Beretta BRX1


500 Years in the making, the Beretta BRX1

Calling upon knowledge and experience acquired over years of working with rifled firearms in the military and civilian spheres, Beretta takes a history-making step, opting for a linear reloading system and emerging into the world of hunting with a revolutionary new firearm.

Providing the best ballistic performances available today, the black opaque burnished steel BRX1 barrels are made free-floating, created entirely by cold-hammering and deep drilling to create the rifling and combustion chamber in a single step.  The bolt is configured with an 8 lug rotating bolt head, complete with extraction claw and ejector derived directly from military technology.  The bolt handle has a medium-sized spherical knob positioned close to the trigger for the best ergonomics and speed in reloading.

The BRX1 guarantees the utmost speed, accuracy, precision, safety and ease of use, from the first pull of the trigger through to the smoothness of reloading.  Interchangeable barrels of varying calibers, three trigger weight options, and fully ambidextrous bolt and extraction with the ability to change from right to left hand without any tools.  Beretta’s first straight pull rifle, the BRX1 is a versatile, modern, modular firearm, suited to every kind of hunter and shooting environment.


Straight pull actions

  • Very fast and instinctive linear reloading system
  • Easy back and forward sliding movement, no rotation
  • Bolt handle features 45°angle and ergonomics for perfect fast reloading
  • Jam-free fast reloading cycles

Interchangeable Barrels

  • Interchange barrels system allows the user to change to a variety of calibres
  • Quick and easy to change and assemble
  • Guaranteed 3 Sub-MOA accuracy, even after new assembly.
  • Barrel changes return to zero every time, thanks to the advanced “V” bedding system
  • Barrel extension with Picatinny rail allows optics to stay in place on barrel system when changing calibres

Fully ambidextrous

  • No tools required to swap bolt between left and right hand
  • Easily swap ejection side independently of bolt handle

Detachable magazine

  • 5 shot capacity for both standard & magnum calibres
  • Sits flush with bottom profile of rifle
  • Reload the magazine from the top without extracting the magazine

User adjustable trigger

  • Trigger weight adjustable in 3 positions (from 900g with 200/250g increase on each position).  No tools required
  • Single-stage
  • Easily interchangeable



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