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Markhor Monteria EVO IV 28L Backpack

monteria camo
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Holding 28 litres of volume, Markhor’s Monteria is a high-quality hunting backpack suitable for hunting by the day, trekking, and it works well as hand luggage too.

Made from 100% silent polyester, and available in a range of camos, the Monteria increases your ability to remain undetected by your quarry.

The pack has been meticulously designed to cater for the hunter’s needs with well thought-out positioning and accessibility of pockets and compartments. It also has an Air Tex system which is very effective in wicking away perspiration from your back Every material and special feature of this pack is of the highest quality.

Experienced hunters will love this technically-brilliant pack.

Details - 
- Dimensions: 45 x 29 x 20cm (17.7” x 11.2” x 7.8”)
- Volume: 28L / Capacity : 1709 ci
- Weight: 1.4kg (49.38 oz)
- Waterproof fabric
- 6 pockets, 1 compartments
- Detachable chest belt
- Hydro pack
- Pack cover
- Safety whistle
- Compression straps
- Zips YKK (the global benchmark for zips)
- Security top

* Note: Images show fabrics from Markhor's 2017 line. 

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